Friday, February 23, 2007

"Macarons and Caramels and Chocolates, Oh My"

The sugar gods are really aligning today to sweet-tooth torture me with scrumptious little confections. Check out Miette Pâtisserie. It's a bakery and a candy store (two locations in the San Francisco Bay Area) run by two women who started out selling their yummy little treats at the Berkeley Farmer's Market. Their cake gallery is an exercise in cyberspace dessert binging. And the vintage cake platters? le sigh. I want one of everything. Now. Sign me up for the internship...

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Anonymous said...

As I sit here on a peaceful Friday evening, the cares of the weekend gradually fading away as I sip a delightful zinfandel (circa 2003 Mendicino Valley) topped off with a sumptious piece of See's chocolate (limit one) I must agree with your premise, Julia Childs had it right.