Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lovely Layers: Arts and Crafts You Can Eat

I found an article (link here), in today's LAT Food Section to be very humorous and very inspiring. The subject of the piece was a popular French dish defined as a verinnes:
(n.) an appetizer or dessert of multiple layers, arranged artfully, and served in a "protective glass."

The article makes this verinnes notion sound lavish, luxurious and so post-modern artsy to the point where I feel it's necessary to point out two things:
1) that the main course version of this concept, of course, is casserole.
2) That Oreo Dirt Cups definitely count (I'll take gummy worms over foie gras any day...well, maybe not, but still).

Not so much haute glamour after all...though I suspect some fancy-pants chefs out there may not agree.

Anyone have a good Dirt Cups recipe? I'd love to see some artful arrangements, color variation of the worm, texture variation of the pudding/frosting/whatever you put in dirt cups...

Best little bit from the article: The mention of this hip new restaurant in Paris called Sensing. If I could suddenly be in Paris in 1 hour, this is where I would want to eat. They offer a—and I quote— "Le Snacking" menu. Love it.

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