Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pinch Me, seriously, I'm Dreaming

The Nancy Drew COOKBOOK!!!!!!!!!

I still have, in my ownership, every hardcover original Nancy Drew book ever written. Obsessed with these novels would be a gross understatement of about four years of my childhood. In my mind, I was her. She was me. We were one.

The complete convergence of two worlds couldn't get any sweeter.

Note to Krissy Wall and Joanna Calo, this does not offer any consolation to the fact that Veronica Mars (the modern day TV version of Nancy Drew and the best show on television) was recently cancelled.


Matt said...

So what can Nancy Drew teach one to cook?

I only run to eat chocolate cake said...

Growing up with a Nancy Drew wannabe is fun...really...

I can recall many nights trying to peacefully rest up for a tough day in Miss Colby's 3rd grade class when just as I was about to doze off, the strobe of the flashlight and rustle of pages turning on the top bunk above me jolted me back to consciousness. Maybe that is why I told mom I never slept growing up?!

ryanthegirl said...

To Matt: N Drew can teach one the art of sniffing out poser chefs or a suspect ingredient/drugged dish in one glance around a kitchen.

ryanthegirl said...

To I only Run...Cake:
Of course I'm completely to blame for your childhood insomnia, guilty as charged.

In fact, remember the time you didn't sleep for two months?
all me girl.