Monday, May 7, 2007

Je Déteste

The great news is that Rachael Ray recently launched a non-profit organization, the mission of which I think is fantastic. I love her three-tiered (Cook. Feed. Fund.) focus and I want to support it. I do.

BUT, the bad news is that she had to go and destroy the credence of the organization by naming it after one of her Rachael-ismsYum-o!

How can you possibly take this seriously?

Direct from the website:
[ "Yum-o!" is the sound you make when you eat something really delicious. It is kind of a combination of "Yummy!" and "Oh wow!" You can't help but smile when you say it because it's such a fun word to say."]

I have nothing against slang, acronyms, even well thought out "isms"...But this is sad. It's a brainless substitution for the many ways to articulate the experience of tasting something delicious.

"Sweetie, do you like the chicken?"
"It's Yum-o!"

Not cool Rach.

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