Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bits & Bites: Bon App's Beets

I finally had the time to indulge in the entire April issue of Bon Appétit yesterday. If you don't subscribe, go get it, or find the time to browse it online, because there is truly some awesome material in this particular issue. My favorite article, though, was At the Market: Beets

Fresh ideas, creative recipes, and they highlighted my absolute favorite: The Dr. Seuss-esque Chioggia beets. I love them, even though I can never find them. I welcome any suggestions on finding these little treats.
Beautiful, just beautiful...

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Loren said...

I like beets a lot and think that the Chioggias just look really cool. However, given that my sweetie isn't the biggest fan of the root vegetable, I'm not sure how often I will see it on the dinner table.