Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wine Tasting in Napa Anaheim

On Sunday, the roomies and I went wine tasting in Napa. And it was all three of our first times! Well, sort of. Technically, we were simulating the Napa Valley tasting experience at Disney's California Adventure Park. In Anaheim. It was a sweaty 85 degrees, and after two hours of Disneyland, we wanted adult beverages. Alcoholic ones. After the tasting, we purchased a lovely, horribly overpriced bottle of rosé. Don't get me wrong, it was a very nice wine, but what sold me was the promise of a "frisky finish." WTF? I suppose that's part of the tourist-driven copy created for just such a simulation. I sort of wished it meant that after you finish tasting it, you become uncharacteristically frisky. Considering what followed, there may have been a grain of truth to the label. After polishing off the bottle, a stroll through Hollywood led to a detour in San Francisco. We needed food, and we were undoubtedly frisky. And so it goes that somewhere between the Mission Tortilla Factory and Pacific Wharf Distribution Co., we tamed our buzz with the most amazing burritos I've ever encountered. Amazing in a "simultaneously the worst AND best burrito of all time" sense. In a "Taco Bell" sense, but not so fast nor food, really...utterly delicious.

And then we used our little "park hoppers" to go back to Disneyland—the happiest place on earth, where all your dreams come true...

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julia said...

Accurate description overall, but no mention of the ensuing indigestion when you dragged us onto a free falling elevator with bellies full of refried beans, beer and hot sauce from a plastic packet. next time, I'm packing my own dinner.