Monday, January 8, 2007

Here's The Scoop

A friend once told me that fun follows me wherever I go. I like to think she was right, but I also think what she really meant to say was that FOOD follows me wherever I go. I also follow food wherever it—and all things related to it—goes. At 25, I have an unabashed habit of bringing my passion for all things culinary into just about every area of my life, and The Pink Spoon is my way of stringing you along for the ride. And whether I’m recapping last night’s sit-down dinner for eight made from scratch; drooling over a yummy new recipe in the NY Times food section; bashing the latest Rachel Ray acronym (Seriously, EVOO?); embarking on a budget-inspired operation leftovers; or swapping trade secrets with my fellow gourmands in various locales around the globe, this kitchen is going to get crazy.
Get ready to have some fun.

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